Environmental Conservation

How to Fund Environment Conservation Agencies

June 7, 2019

It is becoming increasingly expensive to finance environment conservation agencies. This is mainly due to the fact that the scope of work for these agencies is expanding with each passing day. We are living in a world where people are becoming ever greedier. So you find individuals who don’t think twice about doing things that are detrimental to the environment, mostly in pursuit of business profits. These are individuals who, for instance, wouldn’t think twice about draining untreated sewerage into public water bodies. These are individuals to whom it is not a big deal releasing toxic fumes into the atmosphere, or even dumping waste in the high seas. And in an era where a growing number of nations are imposing restrictions/bans on single use plastics you still have individuals who are willing to go to great lengths, to find ways of going round the bans/restrictions. Ultimately, the role of policing such individuals, and ensuring that they don’t do things that are detrimental to the environment falls upon the environment conservation agencies. And it is this policing element that turns out to be expensive, making it necessary for the environment conservation agencies to be well resourced.

Traditionally, environment conservation agencies have been funded either through taxpayers money or through donor funds. It seems as if they will have to continue relying on those two sources of funds in the foreseeable future. The challenge we will face is that of convincing the individuals who are charged with the responsibility of managing taxpayers funds to increase the allocations to the environment conservation agencies. Similar to that is the challenge of getting donors to increase the amounts of money they are willing to give to environment conservation agencies.

The most important thing then, is to get people to be aware of the critical role(s) played by the environment conservation agencies. It is important to get people to understand the impact of the work done by the environment conservation agencies, in the greater scheme of things. Only then will people be comfortable with huge percentages of national budgets being allocated to the environmental conservation agencies. And only then will we get donors willing to give reasonably huge sums of money to the environment conservation agencies.

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